Rated Operational Current
100 to 1,000 A
Main Voltage
3.3kV – 13.8kV

The ISA TS is a pioneering medium voltage soft starter utilizing IGBT technology. This innovative product is designed for applications that demand minimal grid impact through reduced starting currents while maintaining high motor torque. The advanced technology of the ISA TS allows motors to start with exceptionally low grid currents and minimal grid load, often lower than the motor’s rated operating current, ensuring the safe initiation of even the most challenging applications.

Globally, industries benefit from our vast experience in developing and manufacturing systems that enhance the starting process of large electric motors, even under challenging conditions. The value we provide to our customers is unparalleled. With the introduction of the ISA TS soft starter models, IGEL Electric offers a distinctive and innovative solution that broadens the application scope of soft starters. This provides a cost-effective alternative to frequency converter drives, significantly enhancing the potential uses and efficiency of soft starters.


  • Drastic reduction of mains current during motor start-up
  • Starting can be done in most cases with a mains current that is less than the motor’s rated current
  • Eliminates voltage drops during start-up
  • Smoother acceleration of loads
  • Starting of high torque applications e.g. mill drives
  • No increased demands on the motor windings and motor bearings. Also ideal for retrofitting existing systems
  • Application as a multi-motor starter system (one starter for several motors) reduces the investment
  • Smaller feed-in transformers possible due to lower current
  • Simple setup saves commissioning costs
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Competitive compact footprint leads to savings in construction costs
  • Less power generation capacity due to lower starting current


  • Input voltage – ≤11 kV 50/60 Hz +10% -15
  • Power range – ≤18 MVA
  • Mains starting current – ​​10% to 120% of the motor rated current
  • Unlimited number of motor starts possible as the starting current is < motor rated current
  • Starting torque – Up to 150% of the motor rated torque
  • Built-in synchronization system (bypass), from DriveStart2 to the mains and back
  • Smooth start and soft stop
  • Multi motor start functions
  • HMI user interface (ISA TS2) optional


  • Modbus
  • Profibus/Profinet
  • DeviceNet
  • Analog output
  • Multi motor soft start/stop
  • Data Logger

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