tsr k


tsr k
Rated Operational Current
110V – 230V

IGEL Electric’s TSR-K, is a cutting-edge temperature protection relay engineered to safeguard electric motors, transformers, and various systems from overheating. This advanced relay offers up to 14 temperature inputs, which can be programmed to measure both thermistors (PTC or NTC) and RTDs (Pt100).

Designed with versatility and precision in mind, the TSR-K ensures optimal thermal protection, enhancing the reliability and longevity of your equipment. With its robust monitoring capabilities, this relay is an essential addition to any system requiring precise temperature management and protection.


  • RTD / Thermistor with two levels for each input
  • Thermistor PTC / NTC selection
  • Over temperature Alarm and Trip to each input
  • Continuous analogue output signal
  • External fault 1 and 2


  • Advanced microprocessor-based circuitry
  • Display of operating RTD or Thermistor Data, Fault and Statistics
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • RS-485 communication with MODBUS protocol
  • Easy installation and friendly operation
  • Two level protection for Alarm and Trip
  • Selection between Trip and Trip fail-safe
  • Analog output related to any input or input combinations
  • RTD / Thermistor selection – RTDs 100-ohm Platinum (PT100) – Thermistor – PTC or NTC
  • Disconnected sensor protection


  • 6 Temperature Inputs
  • 14 Temperature Inputs
  • Conformal coating
  • Modbus

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