IGEL Electric’s soft starters offer tailored solutions for the rigorous demands of the water and wastewater industry.

Known for pioneering the integration of soft starters with pump control software for municipalities, IGEL

Electric is recognized for its reliable delivery of cutting-edge technology to the market.

Utilizing our proprietary algorithm, these soft starters feature a diverse range of unique startup and shutdown curves, effectively mitigating water surge and the damaging “hammer effect” in water systems.

Special Functions

– Reduced inrush current and mechanical shocks
– Smooth, stepless acceleration and deceleration
– Unique starting and stopping characteristics
– Robust, fully load-capable construction
– Sophisticated motor protection package
– Easy installation and operation
– Prepared for harsh environmental conditions
– Prevention of overpressure and water hammer

Typical Applications

Water pumps
Wastewater pumps
Vertical hollow shaft pumps
Submersible pumps
Starting diesel generators (weak grid supply)

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