MSR hd


MSR hd
Control Voltage
110V – 230V - 110-230V AC/DC
Separate AUX
19-60 VDC

Our Motor Protection and Control Relay delivers a thorough motor protection and control solution. This microprocessor-controlled relay is designed specifically for three-phase induction motors. It monitors three-phase currents and voltages and includes 10 RTD/Thermistor temperature inputs, making it ideal for medium voltage motors.

The MSR-HD measures true RMS voltages and currents at a rapid 0.5ms sampling rate, ensuring compatibility with electronic motor drives, such as soft starters.

### Protection Features

While AC motors are robust and reliable within their specified operating conditions, accurate thermal modeling is essential for safe operation at their limits. A comprehensive protection device is necessary to achieve this.

This relay safeguards the motor from abnormal mains voltage conditions, motor and wiring faults, and operator errors.

The MSR-HD monitors three-phase voltages, three-phase currents, and earth fault currents. It also supports temperature inputs from up to 10 sensors, four analog inputs, and four programmable discrete (optically isolated logic) outputs.


  • Monitors 10 temperature inputs
  • Monitors 3-phase current voltage
  • Power Measurement
  • Certified Protection for ANSI/IEE C37.2
  • MODBUS communication, remote parameter programming, control and supervision
  • Includes the same functionality as the standard MPS-3000
  • Incorporate Motor Control capabilities
  • Includes various starting methods including Direct Online, Star Delta, Soft Starters, Reversing and Two Speed
  • Includes 20 dry optically isolated logic inputs


  • Monitors 10 temperature inputs,
  • 3-phase current voltage and energy
  • Power measurement
  • Statistical data of last 10 trips with time and date stamp
  • RTD bias for thermal overload
  • Multiple Thermal Overload curves
  • Too Many Starts pre-alarm, configurable to energize dedicated output relay
  • Capture and display of min and max RMS, average of 3-phase current, one voltage, min and max frequency
  • Ground Fault setting during start eliminates nuisance trips
  • MODBUS communication, remote parameter programming, control and supervision.
  • Programmable discrete inputs/output
  • 4 programmable analogue outputs


  • Vertical/Horizontal Model
  • Trip on disconnected RTD
  • Modbus
  • Profibus

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