Support & Maintenance

The IGEL Electric team is always ready to assist customers in resolving their queries and challenges. Our solutions are designed to meet every requirement.

Our Services Include

  • Installation
  • On-site diagnosis and repair
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Retrofits/upgrades of drives and soft starters
  • Monitoring the installation
  • Network analyzes and calculations


With our on-site or remote commissioning, we help make the process as efficient as possible.
Our team is made up of experienced employees with expertise in applications and implementation.

Commissioning process & steps

During the commissioning process, our engineers check the wiring and assist with the setup of the soft starter. The key steps in this process are:

  • Inspection of the motor starter inputs and outputs
  • Parameterization according to the application and customer requirements
  • Operation in accordance with process demands and load testing
  • Training of maintenance and operating personnel
  • Provision of additional services as needed/upon request
  • Preparation of a written commissioning report


To ensure a reliable and smooth operation of the equipment, regular maintenance intervals should be performed according to IGEL Electric’s recommendations.

We recommend scheduling maintenance well in advance, even though exact dates can only be guaranteed upon order confirmation unless otherwise agreed.


The technical support team at IGEL Electric regularly conducts training sessions on basic electrical maintenance, electronic diagnostics, new product orientations, and customized maintenance or operational procedures. These training sessions can be conducted online, at our training center, or on-site.

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