Rated Operational Current
60 A to 2500 A
Rated Supply Voltage
1500 V to 17, 500 V

The DIRECT STARTER is engineered to digitally start medium voltage motors without causing excessive voltage drops in the network supply, even during high inrush currents. It offers reliable start and stop functionality, ensuring smooth operation. The integrated short circuit protection and under current protection enhance motor safety.

Additionally, the DIRECT STARTER starter detects asymmetric loads and provides ground fault current protection. It monitors phase loss and phase sequence to maintain optimal performance. The system includes over/under frequency protection and under/over voltage protection to safeguard against electrical anomalies. External fault detection and PT 100 temperature protection further contribute to the robust and comprehensive protection provided by the DIRECT STARTER starter.


  • Up to 50°C ambient temperature
  • Comprehensive motor protection and control package
  • IP 41 as standard, up to IP 65 optional
  • Advanced electronic potential transformer utilizing patent pending “wireless” voltage measurement system
  • Wide 50 – 60Hz range
  • Engineering included


  • Start and stop
  • Short circuit protection
  • Under current
  • Asymmetric load
  • Ground fault current
  • Phase loss and phase sequence
  • Over/under frequency
  • Under/over voltage
  • External fault
  • PT 100 protection


  • Multi-function programmable I/O’s
  • Opto-isolated control in- and outputs
  • Transformer 8A/250V
  • Analogue outputs
  • Analogue inputs
  • Modbus/Profibus
  • Touchscreen
  • SPS

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