In an industry where time is money and downtime can cost more than half a million euros per hour, reliability is essential.

This is where IGEL Electric excels. Since 1977, we have provided soft start solutions to the oil and gas industry, earning an impeccable reputation. We supply the largest oil rigs, ships, and gas pumping stations worldwide with the highest quality, uniquely designed soft starters for pumps and compressors. These soft starters can be equipped to operate in the most challenging environments.


As the leading global supplier of soft starters for compressors on FPSOs (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading units), we ensure marine certifications for all products offered for marine applications. IGEL Electric’s extensive client list includes Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Gazprom, Enbridge, Talisman, and many others.

We offer soft starters, thyristor power controllers, and protective relays either individually or as customized, turnkey projects tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Special Functions

  • Comprehensive product range: 8-3000 A, 208-15000 V
  • Soft start solutions for induction, synchronous, and wound rotor motors
  • Numerous options for challenging, demanding, and standard applications
  • Durable design engineered for tough environments
  • Distinctive start and stop features
  • Sturdy, fully load-bearing construction
  • Enhanced motor protection
  • Simple installation and user-friendly operation
  • Cost savings compared to autotransformers and switchgear

Typical Applications

  • Gas Compressors
  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Axial Compressors (1-50 MW)
  • Pumps
  • Pipeline heating
  • Injection pumps
  • Firefighting pumps

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