Soft Starter

5–60 A and 400 V

ISA-OEM Customized soft starter with VDE approval

The product series ISA-OEM has been developed especially for serial applications in order to be implemented into customers’ devices. The devices shown here represent only a small selection of customized soft starters produced by IGEL® Electric. As the name implies, all products of the ISA-OEM series are developed upon customers’ specification.

Advantages at a glance

  • VDE approval for domestic appliances
  • Ideal matching to the application
  • μC operated start-/ stop ramps
  • Very good price-performance-ratio
  • Bypass contacts integrated
  • Motor- / Mains protection integrated
  • Software for programming via USB (Plug and Play Function!)
  • For 1 and 3 phase application
  • Mains frequency 42–70Hz Auto trigger


For full view please move the table horizontally if necessary.
Starter Type Voltage Current (A) Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
ISA-OEM 130i 230V / 1P 30 115 50 205 0.6
ISA-OEM 140i 230V / 1P 40 115 50 205 0.6
ISA-OEM 330i 400V / 3P 30 115 50 205 0.6
ISA-OEM 360i 400V / 3P 60 155 55 245 0.6

USB-Parameterizing software


Current limit

The voltage increases linearly from the “Initial Voltage“ pre selected point. If the adjusted “Current Limit” is reached, the voltage will stop ramping and remain at its level until the current is reduced below the adjusted “Current Limit“ level. In that case ramp up time is prolonged until the current has reduced below “Current Limit” level 

Soft starter output voltage

Although the current is limited the motor provides suitable torque to accelerate the driven load and reach “End of acceleration”. If the motor torque does not exceed the load torque the motor will not start. In the so rare cases severe damages might occur to the motor and starter.

Motor start measured with an oscilloscope
(Ch1, voltage; Ch2-4 current L1 – L3)

The oscillogram shows, the soft starter providing a smooth and stepless current and voltage ramp to the motor. The voltage ramps up until “Current Limit” is reached. After the motor is at nominal speed, the current will decrease, to the nominal motor current.

Communication RS 485

Modbus Profibus

RS 485 with MODBUS or PROFIBUS protocol enable:

  • Remote (start, stop, etc.)
  • Monitoring (motor current, faults, statistical data)
  • Remote parameter setting
  • Remote reset


Internal bypass

  • This reliable components bypass the power electronics after the motor is at speed.
  • In addition the starters provide an auxiliary contact, allowing signaling of a successful motor start.
    Attention! Many of our competitors call these auxiliary relays “a bypass contact”!
  • The bypass function reduces the heat dissipation and eliminates the EMC load of the system.