Dortmund, 12. March 2021

Reduced Network Load – Highest Availability

Start-up without starting currents and shock-free transfer at one of the largest natural gas storage facilities in Western Europe

The innovative soft starter technology from IGEL Electric contributes to the security of supply of natural gas for Germany and Europe. At the gas storage facility in Rehden near Bremen, two ISA-TS 2 soft starters enable a total of four motors to start up without stressing the grid. Here IGEL demonstrates the further developed IGBT technology, which is now designed consistently for higher voltages and for multi-motor starting. The ISA-TS 2 is also a cost-effective alternative to frequency converters.

The ISA-TS 2 soft starters are used in two independent operated plants of the Messer Group to produce nitrogen. The plants are set up directly at the point of use to minimize logistics and environmental impact. Prior to installation, the nitrogen was delivered by truck and pumped into storage tanks. Here, the nitrogen is mixed with the natural gas so that it can be used by the end user. Each unit consists of two compressors driven by different medium-voltage motors.

To be able to operate the systems on site, a new power supply line had to be installed. Since the Rehden site is in a rural area, the requirements for the load when starting the compressors are strictly specified by the energy supplier and starting the motors in the classic sense – start-up directly from the power grid or via electronic soft starters such as the ISA-HD – is not possible. Starting currents are required to be lower than the rated motor current. The ISA-TS 2 soft starters are specially designed for this application and are the logical choice for Messer, as different motors can be started with the same ISA-TS 2 in multi-motor operation.

The two soft starters allow starting with around 40 to 50 percent of the rated motor current. They accelerate the connected motors and synchronise them to the power grid in order to then transfer them automatically and, above all, smoothly to network operation. Each soft starter drives two extremely different motors: a two-pole motor with an output of 1,300 kW and a speed of 2,977 rpm and a 12-pole motor with 1,000 kW and 435 rpm.

To raise availability to the highest level, the system is also equipped with a redundancy mode. This allows the ISA-TS 2 of system 1 to also start the motors of system 2 and vice versa. This ensures maximum reliability for the Messer Group as the operator of the plant.

Due to the different motors that can be started directly one after the other and the redundant design of both systems, the use of the innovative soft starters at the gas storage facility in Rehden has reference character for IGEL Electric. The gas storage facility is located at a node of the German natural gas pipeline network and therefore plays a central role in the supply of natural gas. With approximately four billion cubic meters on an underground area of around eight square kilometers, Rehden is one of the largest pore storage facilities in Western Europe.

“The ISA-TS 2 at the Rehden natural gas storage facility impressively demonstrates IGEL Electric’s ability to provide our customers with optimized systems for their motor starting needs of any size, voltage and requirements,” says Michael Kleiböhmer, Managing Director of IGEL Electric. “The IGBT technology and the electronic medium-voltage range, which is proven for years, enable our soft starters to be used extremely flexibly and precisely matched to customer requirements for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Together with the Messer Group, we will implement further projects of this kind in the future.”

Dortmund, 27. February 2020

IGEL at the Middle East Energy trade fair

Operation and observation in Industry 4.0

Traditionally, IGEL Electric presents more than just its current product range at the Middle East Energy trade fair, formerly known as Middle East Electricity, which takes place from 3. to 5. March 2020. The system integrator for electronic drive technology will be exhibiting at stand F20 in hall 6 of the Dubai World Trade Center, and will also show a preview of future product and application solutions „Made in Germany“. In this manner, the Dortmund-based company plans to continue on its successful path of growth, with a focus on operation and observation in Industry 4.0.

In Industry 4.0, the visualization of machine and operating data provides the foundation for efficient operations and control, as well as a high level of security and safety. Companies can implement these methods to increase their productivity, and to establish their economic position in times of increasing global competition. In fact, IGEL undertook the first steps for this two years ago, and introduced an innovative medium-voltage electronic control and monitoring system. This facilitates the integration of measuring sensors that records protocols of measurement and actual data in such a way that this can be displayed on a PC.

„This innovative new electronic control and monitoring system makes it easier to identify faulty and problems“, explains Michael Kleiböhmer, Chief Executive Officer of IGEL Electric. „In addition, it also represents the first step in the direction of a system of predictive maintenance. In future, we plan to introduce further solutions in the field of operation and observing, which will help to pave the way for companies in an Industry 4.0 environment.“ At the Middle East Energy trade fair, IGEL Electric will provide a first insight into this development. Use the opportunity to talk to the experienced experts of the system integrator for drive technology at stand F20 in exhibition hall 6. We look forward to meeting you there, and discussing your needs.

messtec drives Automation, Issue 8/2019

Cool air for hot games

IGEL Electric introduces world’s first fully Draw-out softstarter system

IGEL Electric GmbH Germany is expanding its range of Medium Voltage Softstarter Systems by introducing the world’s first fully withdrawable SST System MV-CW in the voltage range of 3 – 6,6kV and 10 / 11kV. The new and advanced feature in this system is the Roll on Floor Trolley. The Trolley contains Line Fuses, Line contactor, Bypass contactor and the Softstarter Power Electronic. Michael Kleiboehmer, CEO of IGEL Electric, explains the advantages of the new MV-CW.

IGEL Electric is one of the top supplier in the field of controlled soft-starting for low and medium voltage motors. Last year, the Dortmund based company launched the 3 – 6,6kV system with the promise to extend the product line into the 10 / 11kV power range. “With the introduction and release to the market, we are now offering the full line up to cover the major applications”, says Kleiboehmer. The design and engineering philosophy was strictly following the guideline “Maintenance in Mind” and “Production First”. With the main components mounted on the Roll and Floor Trolley, the exchange of the Trolley will take less than 20 minutes and the system is ready for operation again. “The detailed failure analysis can then be made without any pressure from production”, says Kleiboehmer.

Moreover, exchanging the Trolley, which includes all major components of the electronic softstarter, does not require any special tools or instruments. There is just one single industrial grade plug connection where all control signals, electrical and fiber optic, as well as control power is exchanged between the Trolley and the Starter control electronic. The exchange does not require any new program changes in the control electronic, just connect and start again. “We are also proud that we could manage to integrate our well known and proven Power Electronic Design into the Trolley”, adds the IGEL-CEO. “This means our clients can continue to use existing spare parts, or can use new spare parts for existing units. This will help to keep the costs of ownership as low as possible, and service and maintenance does not require new and extensive training.”

Cool air for FIFA World Cup

The many advantages of the Draw-out softstarter system have convinced the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) in Morocco. ONEE is responsible for production, transmission and distribution of electricity and water, as well as the purification of wastewater, which is essential for the country’s sustainable development. Within MV-CW, ONEP uses a total of eight installed IGEL softstarters, using the latest technology, in order to ensure the water supply in the cities of Fès and Meknès. Each softstarter is responsible for starting the motor for a single water pump. As a matter of interest, the eight softstarters, each of which weights slightly more than 1.5 tons, were transported on a single mega-trailer – by truck and ferry- from the production site right across Europe, and then via Gibraltar to the ultimate destination at Fès respectively Meknès.

Further success for the Draw-out sofstarter system is for the Lusail West Phase 1 development in Qatar. With this installation IGEL Electric supplied ten 11kV, 140A Draw-out softstarter systems that will start the chiller applications for centralized air conditioning. “This installation will help to keep the visitors cool during the opening and final game of the FIFA World Cup 2022 at the Lusail Iconic Stadium”, says Kleiboehmer.

Combining two innovations

In addition to this innovative design, IGEL Electric also introduced in 2018 their new  advanced and scalable Multi-Motor Softstarter System, allowing multiple motors to be started with just one electronic softstarter. Providing a more cost effective solution compared to the typical “one Starter/one Motor” system. “This system design has been accepted very successful with more than 100 motor starter during the first year”, says Kleiboehmer.

“By combining the two innovations, we address the most common question and concern by our clients: What will happen in case of a starter failure, do I lose all of my motor starting capability and will therefore lose my production.”

Due to the design philosophy of being able to exchange the starter main components without shutting down the running motors and the build in selectivity, these concerns are fully addressed and the problem does not exist anymore. “Again this shows that we are listening to our clients when we go for innovations and that we are continuously addressing the problems in the industry”, explains the IGEL-CEO.

Being able to address the topics, IGEL Electric follows its slogan: “German Design, European Manufacturing, and Global Technologies => Welcome to our Network”. Therefore, IGEL Electric always mentions its main partner in development and execution, ELECTROTEL S.A. in Alexandria, Romania. “Their professionality, in-house manufacturing capabilities and mechanical design department played a major role in finalizing the design”, explains Kleiboehmer.

Industry 4.0 ready

But IGEL Electric never stops with innovation. “In 2019, we will roll out our new advanced control electronic for our medium voltage softstarter. Parallel to providing now a control electronic which is Industry 4.0 ready, we address the HMI interface, the ease and flexibility to provide the different communication interfaces around the industries, by providing the control system the ANY-BUS interface inside”, says Kleiboehmer. But the main innovations are in the innovative voltage and current measurement. Both measurements are converted to a fiber optic signal and transmitted by the same fiber optic link to the controller which is mounted in the LV compartment. This change is in strict compliance with IGEL’s commitment to provide full partial discharge tested softstarter Power Electronic.

A further element of the new control electronic is the available data logger function, allowing simple analysis of the status as well as remote service capability by Internet or GSM Networks. “But I guess more important for our clients is that the new control electronic is downwards compatible”, supposes Kleiboehmer. “Means that we can also upgrade existing starter systems and with this we are addressing our long term commitment to our clients and the industry. All of our Innovations are always following our strong commitment:  Innovations with history in mind.”

Technical Review Middle East, Issue 2/2019

World’s first from IGEL Electric makes debut

The German company brings its newly developed medium voltage softstarter to the Middle East first.

IGEL ELECTRIC GMBH, provider of controlled soft‐starting of medium voltage in the Middle East with nearly 1,000 units delivered and installed, is expanding its range of medium voltage softstarter systems. At the MEE 2019, the Germany‐headquartered specialist will introduce the world’s first fully withdrawable SST System MV‐CW in the voltage range of 3‐6.6kV and 10/11kV.

The new and advanced feature in this new system is the ROLL on FLOOR Trolley. The trolley is equipped with line fuses, line contactor, softstarter power electronic and bypass contactor.

Michael Kleiboehmer, CEO of IGEL Electric GmbH, said, “We launched the 3‐6.6kV system last year with the promise to extend the product line into the 10/11kV power range. With the introduction and release in the market, we are now offering the full line to cover the major applications. The design and engineering philosophy has strictly followed the guideline ‘Maintenance in Mind’ and ‘Production First’. With the main components mounted on the ROLL on FLOOR Trolley, the exchange of the trolley will take less than 20 minutes and the system is ready for operation again. The detailed failure analysis can then be made without any pressure from production.”

He further explained that exchanging the trolley does not require any special tools or instruments. “There is a single industrial grade plug connection where all control signals and control power is interfaced between the trolley and the starter control electronic. The exchange does not require any new programme changes in the control electronic – just connect and start again.”

In addition to this innovative design, in 2018 IGEL Electric also introduced its new multi‐motor softstarter system, allowing multiple motors to be started with just one electronic softstarter. The multi‐motor system provides a more cost‐effective solution compared to the typical one starter/one motor system. This system design has been successful in the Middle East market, according to Kleiboehmer.

Dortmund, 28. January 2019

Innovative draw-out softstarter system at the Middle East Electricity show

IGEL delivers and installs first 11 kV version of the softstarter system

The focus of this year’s stand of IGEL Electric at the Middle East Electricity show is on the latest variant of the innovative draw-out softstarter system. From 5th to 7th of March 2019, the system integrator for electronic drive technology will be displaying the new 11 kV version of the innovative draw-out module at stand H1.F18. Visitors to the Middle East Electricity show can see the unique product design and performance capability for themselves. The IGEL experts are available at the show, and are happy to provide technical information.

Once IGEL had successfully introduced the 6 kV version in the market, the Dortmund-based company was able to complete the Type Test as well as the Factory Acceptance Tests of the new version, and was able to announce this to customers at the end of 2018. Now, IGEL has delivered ten modules of the 11 kV version to the first customer. With this new draw-out module, IGEL once more underlines its innovative ability, and once more expands the area of application of its broadly differentiated range of products.

Comfortable Maintenance in Mind

The module consists of a draw-out trolley fitted with all the relevant electro-technical components: from the electronic power system over network and bypass contactors to fuses. This innovative product design clearly reflects the IGEL claim „Comfortable Maintenance in Mind“, enabling IGEL to provide quick access to individual components. In addition, the module can be exchanged quickly, with just a few movements, and without any need for additional equipment or tools. In this way, the draw-out module increases the flexibility of the user when planning an installation, as well as the availability of the installation.

Michael Kleiböhmer, managing director of IGEL Electric: „We have reason to be proud now that we are also installing the 11 kV draw-out system successfully in customer facilities. This is proof that our drive solutions represent exactly what the market demands. Visitors to the Middle East Electricity show are welcome to visit the IGEL stand, in order to gain an impression of the performance capabilities of our products.“

Dortmund, 11. December 2018

IGEL on the road to success – positive outlook

Innovative control and monitoring electronics for Industry 4.0

Dortmund, 11. December 2018. IGEL Electric can look back on a successful year in 2018. Particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, the system integrator for electronic drive technology was successful in gaining numerous projects, and installing its innovative products. In the year to come, IGEL plans to further expand its product range, and to make it ready for future Industry 4.0 applications by means of a downward compatible controlling and regulating electronic system.

Both in the United Emirates as well as in Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the soft starter specialist concluded new contracts for the installation of its innovative drive solutions. The first multi-motor starters with integrated power factor correction have already been installed in Dubai. The compact multi-motor starter system facilitates a sequential start-up of several motors using a single soft starter. In Morocco, IGEL has also implemented the medium-voltage switching system MV-CW for its customers in the field of water transportation, featuring the newly developed draw-out module. In this module, all the relevant electro-technical components are mounted on a trolley that can be drawn out, thus providing the easiest and simplest access in case of technical problems. The type test for the draw-out module in an 11 kV configuration has been completed, and the Factory Acceptance Test was successfully carried out in conjunction with the customer.

IGEL is also satisfied with the developments in the DACH region, although the German-language market remains a challenging one. The raw materials sector, in which the medium-voltage drive solutions produced by IGEL are used primarily, continues to recover at a slow pace, which is particularly evident in the German industry. Nevertheless, the Dortmund-based system integrator also succeeded in acquiring new projects in the DACH markets, and successfully completed modernization programmes for existing customers.

In the year ahead, IGEL plans to expand the product lines for the multi-motor starter system as well as the draw-out module further, and also to set up its medium-voltage products for a new „4.0 ready“control and regulating electronic system. Existing customers already using IGEL solutions will benefit from the downward compatibility of the innovative control electronics. It is based on the well-known and proven control algorithms, while offering an expanded range of functions, it is more user friendly, and provides easy connectivity with automation systems. The implementation of data logger functions ensures the user has access to comprehensive operating data on the motor start-up and operation.

Michael Kleiböhmer, chief executive of IGEL Electric: „The draw-out module as well as the multi-motor starter system have been very well received in the market this year, so that we will be expanding both product lines in 2019. In addition, we will be expanding and rolling out the new controlling and regulating electronics next year in order to equip both existing and future customers for Industry 4.0 applications. I am confident that 2019 will be yet another very successful year for IGEL Electric. We have numerous exciting projects in the pipeline.“