630–2,500 A and 3.6–17.5 kV

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MV-CS® Basic design

The innovative, type-tested, air-isolated, completely withdrawable medium voltage switchgear system IGEL® MV-CS® can be used for a wide range of applications. From modern drive concepts to complexe energy distribution systems.

The medium voltage switchgear system MV-CS is approved according to DIN EN 62271-200 (VDE 0671200). This test confirms the standard arc classification IAC AFLR 31,5kA 1s and ensures protection of the operators (access classification – type A / Access only for authorized personnel).
The MV-CS system is approved with loss of service continuity category LSC 2B as well as partition class PM/PI and by this answering highest demands of medium voltage switchgear systems. The medium voltage withdraw unit can be switched into a test-/ disconnected position. In this position the automatic shutter will be pivoted in front of the moving contacts so that the protection against contact to the busbar compartment is guaranteed.

The fire protection separation is very effective in case of an internal arc in the cable/device compartment. The automatic shutter is granting the protection against contact. This shutter is removable for any cable installations. From the accidental protection point of view the system is separated into 4 sections:

– Busbar section
– Low-Voltage section
– Device section
– LS-/Transformer-/Cable connection section

This switchgear system is designed for indoor installation in electrical control rooms and consists of two independent system components. The basic unit contains only passive elements. Therefore, it is subject to minimal risk of failure.

– MV cable connection
– Busbar system 1 and 2 (optional)
– Decompression channel
– MV compartment
– Customer terminal block

The withdraw (plug in) unit carries all electric relevant components:

– Medium voltage switching room
– Separate low voltage part
– Interlocking device

Both units are from galvanized steel in stable heavy duty construction and separated into four metal clad sections (Low voltage part, busbar 1 and 2, MV compartment and MV cable connection. All units can be combined and lined up as required.

The MV-CS system is characterized by an easy and quick installation for the switchgear types A and B with decompression channel in a room with a height of 2.30m. The installation has to be effected on an iron frame or raised floor.
There has to be a difference in height between switchgear and ground of 10mm. This guarantees that the withdraw unit can easily be removed. The busbars are combined using connecting clusters which are included in our supply.
Only appropriately qualified and trained personnel are authorized to perform
commissioning and maintenance of this equipment. All maintenance and safety guidelines according to DIN/VDE as well as the accident prevention & insurance association have to be observed.

MV-CS® Basic switchgear design

Front view

  1. Door to Low voltage section
  2. Indication Lights
  3. Touch Screen
  4. Locking system LV door
  5. Capacitive voltage indication
  6. Customer connection section
  7. Push-Button
  8. Emergency Stop
  9. Contact mechanism
  10. Locking system MV door
  11. Position indicator contacts
  12. Position indicator door lock
  13. Earth Switch

Side view

  1. Ring Bolts
  2. Locking Mechanism
  3. Door to Low Voltage Section
  4. Busbars
  5. Field-dependant Installations
  6. Current Transformer
  7. Voltage Transformer
  8. Frame Bar of the Withdraw Unit
  9. Bearing Rolls for Withdraw Unit
  10. Earth Switch
  11. Cable Connection
  12. Contact Boxes
  13. Busbars
  14. Shutter
I Switchgear Room
II Busbar Section
III Cable Connection Room
IV Low Voltage Section
V Decompression Channel

MV-CS® System components

The MV-CS System disposes a new generation of medium voltage switchgears.

In contrast to conventional switchgear systems the MV-CS system is consisting of two independent components.

The basic unit

The basic unit contains the system cabinet, the energy distribution components and the cable connection compartment. All components are passive units and are, therefore, subject to a minimal risk of failure.

The following systems are integrated in the basic unit:

– Cable connection component
– Busbar system 1
– Busbar system 2
– Pressure discharge channel
– Cubicle box
– Customer terminal box

All sections are separated from each other. Additionally, the busbar system is certainly disposing of an integrated shutter system. An intelligent decompression system guarantees that in case of an internal arc all gases will be securely dischaged.

The withdraw unit

The withdraw unit contains all relevant electrical components. It is inserted into the basic unit by an integrated roller system. After insertion, the system is connected to the mains supply by a fixed switching sequence. The locking system provides a clean operation and guarantees maximum security.

The following systems are integrated in the withdraw unit:

– MV equipment compartment
– Low voltage control compartment
– Front door
– Operation unit including touch screen
– MV system connection
– Door locking

The separate construction of system components allows completely new starting points, which offer a lot of advantages to the user. There are hardly any limits for the system in terms of flexibility. The universal basic unit may already be installed without any limitation of later system configurations – even before the final planning of the system is finished. Consequently, all eventualities can be covered at completion of the project, if required even after commissioning. In regard to system enlargement there are also no limitations set for the system operator. Further components can be added at any time. Even in the case of a need for an increase in capacity, an incoming panel can be integrated in every basic unit.

The aspect of system reliability has to be newly defined with regard to the MV-CS system. During planning we consequently design the withdraw unit to include all relevant electrical components. Due to this, there is an almost 100 % probability that possible defects will occur in the withdraw unit. By replacing the defective withdraw unit we can guarantee that any failure can be repaired. Together with the integrated roller transport system, system recovery can be reached within a short period of time. Particularly in process technology and energy distribution, these features ease system design and cut costs.

MV-CS® Features

Our MV-CS system offers several innovative concepts for failure elimination. When highest system availability is required, the complete withdraw unit can be replaced within some minutes. Based on the 100:0 failure distribution between withdraw and basic units, there is a failure elimination guarantee with the exchange of units. This means, your system is serviceable within a couple minutes. Guaranteed!

In the case of less critical applications, the full maintenance performance also applies to a repair. Barrier-free access, working independently from the systems’ position and our Test Kit assure an almost effortless and time-optimised repair. Finally, the consequent safety concept assures an accident-free work process, even for the inexperienced.

Flexibility and cost reduction are one of the leading targets at nearly every product development. The framework design is an essential part of our MV-CS and has been optimised according to these requirements. The result is a system, which combines both goals (cost reduction and flexibility) ideally. The switchgear framework design consists of a lot of production and transport optimised components. Almost every steel works can produce these components and transport them in standardized boxes. The components will then be connected with a special riveting procedure in the plant. This assures, on the one hand, minimised production time and on the other hand consistent quality. Particularly in connection with ship applications, the flexible construction assures good shock- and vibrations stability and therefore offers a basis for the installation in this ambitious market segment.
This concept is only known in the IT world. The MV-CS system is able to transfer this philosophy into the medium voltage area. Moreover the system is capable to “Hot Swap”. Single withdraw systems can be interchanged, while the other system components continue to work at their usual level. Due to the standardised terminal block, every withdraw unit can then be inserted and the operation of this unit can be guaranteed. Staying with this idea in the IT field, it is possible to say the system is fully updatable. Old technologies can be exchanged for new ones within a few minutes, without switching the entire system off.
The MV-CS system’s locking concept opens new doors. The door design is the most noticeable feature. The door does not hang on hinges but is a fixed part of the withdraw unit. When the system is inserted, the locking bolts of the basic unit interlock with the door’s framework. With just one single motion the whole system will be locked on all sides. After complete locking of the front door, the system complies with the IEC internal arc test requirements. Due to this medium voltage contact is impossible until the door has been locked. The contact and locking concept guarantees even inexperienced users safe work environment conditions.
You can already start thinking of additional tasks for the maintenance team. Our MV-CS system offers a unique “maintenance-friendliness”. For all incurring works the withdraw unit can be completely removed and is, therefore, accessible from all sides. All components are reachable without any barriers, which minimises time requirements. Moreover it should be said, that the withdraw system is portable, which means maintenance can take place nearly everywhere. Consequently the works can be done at a comfortable place, like the workshop. As a highlight, a test kit is at your disposal, which enables a complete check of the system while the unit has been removed. Due to this, the functionality of the maintained system is guaranteed.
In the MV-CS system’s basic unit a decompression channel is integrated. The channel is fully incorporated into the innovative security concept of the switchgear system and also makes new design approaches possible. Through our decompression concept room planning and difficulties in engineering are clearly minimised. Because no additional components are needed installation costs are reduced.

MV-CS® Energy distribution

Advantages at a glance

  • Factory assembled, type tested medium voltage switchgears according to DIN EN 62271 – 200 (VDE 0671 – 200)
  • Metal-enclosed and metal-clad indoor-switchgear systems
  • Locking system according to IEC 62271 – 200/VDE 0671 – 200
  • All MV switching activities are only allowed with locked medium voltage door
  • Decompression channel integrated or on top
  • Flexible, brand-neutral switchgear technique
  • Up to 50°C ambient temperature
  • Comprehensive motor protection and control package
  • IP 41 as standard, up to IP 54 optional
  • Electronic potential transformer for voltage measurement and protection
  • Frequency range between 50–60Hz
  • Engineering included
  • Innovative low voltage test
  • Nominal voltage test – option



For full view please move the table horizontally if necessary.
System Voltage Current  Short Circuit Testing Voltage Dimensions Weight
kV A kA kV W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) kg
3.6 320 16–31.5 20/40 600–1,000 2,300 900–1,200 450–1,100
7.2 400 16–31.5 20/60 600–1,000 2,300 900–1,200 500–1,200
12.0 400 16–31.5 28/75 900–1,000 2,300 900–1,700 500–1,200
17.5 320 16–31.5 38/95 1,000–1,200 2,300 900–1,700 800–1,300

Circuit breaker

For full view please move the table horizontally if necessary.
System Voltage Current  Short Circuit Testing Voltage Dimensions Weight
kV A kA kV W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) kg
3.6 630–2,500 16–50* 20/40 600–1,000 2,300 900–1,200 450–1,100
7.2 630–2,500 16–50* 20/60 600–1,000 2,300 900–1,200 500–1,200
12.0 630–2,500 16–50* 28/75 900–1,000 2,300 900–1,700 500–1,200
17.5 630–2,500 16–50* 38/95 1,000–1,200 2,300 900–1,700 800–1,300
*40/50 kA on request


1) case by case


  • Illuminated LCD with 2 lines of 16 characters each
  • Selectable languages: English, German, French or Spanish (aditional on request)
  • The LCD indicates the motor current, fault descriptions and statistical data.
  • The LEDs provide a quick status indication. (control voltage on, motor soft start, motor on, motor soft stop, motor stop, fault)
  • Easy settings by six clearly marked keys, user-friendly software with factory default parameters.

Communication RS 485

Modbus Profibus

RS 485 with MODBUS or PROFIBUS protocol enable:

  • Remote (start, stop, etc.)
  • Monitoring (motor current, faults, statistical data)
  • Remote parameter setting
  • Remote reset