630–2,500 A and 3.6–17.5 kV

MV-C® Basic design

The innovative, type-tested, air-isolated medium voltage switchgear system IGEL® MV-C can be used for a wide range of applications from modern drive concepts to complexe energy distribution systems.

The medium voltage switchgear system MV-C is approved according to DIN EN 62271-200 (VDE 0671200). This test confirms the standard arc classification IAC AFLR 40kA 1s and is made to proof the protection of the operators (access classification – type A / Access only for authorized personnel).
The MV-C system is approved with loss of service continuity category LSC 2A as
well as partition class PI and by this partial isolated switchgear system. The power units can be switched into a test- / disconnected position. In this position the automatic metal shutter will be pivoted in front of the moving contacts so that the accidental protection for the busbar section is granted. The separation for fire protection is very effective in case of an internal arc in the cable/device section. From the accidental protection point of view the system is separated into 3 (2/1) sections:

– Busbar section (optional)
– Low-Voltage section
– LS-/Transformer-/Cable connection section

This switchgear system is designed for indoor installation in electrical control rooms. The MV-C system is from galvanized/ painted steel in stable heavy duty construction and separated into four metal clad sections (Low voltage part, busbars, MV section and cable connection unit). All units can be combined and lined up as required.

The MV-C system is characterized by an easy and quick installation for the switchgear type A without decompression channel in a room with a height of 2.80 m. The installation has to be effected on an iron frame or raised floor.
The busbars will be combined with each other using connecting clusters which are included in our delivery.
Only appropriately qualified and trained personnel is authorized to do the
commissioning and maintenance on this equipment. All maintenance and safety guidelines according to DIN/VDE as well as the a cident prevention & insurance association have to be observed.

MV-C® Basic switchgear design

Front view

  1. Door to Low voltage section
  2. Signal Lamps
  3. MPR device
  4. Locking system LV door
  5. Capacitive voltage indication
  6. Metering device
  7. Push-Button
  8. Emergency stop
  9. Operation handle
  10. Locking MV section
  11. Locking MV cable connection
  12. Earth Switch
  13. Inspection glass
  14. Mimic diagram

Side view

  1. Ring Bolts
  2. Door to LV section
  3. Door to MV device section
  4. Door to MV connection
  5. Field-dependant Installations
  6. Current Transformer
  7. Voltage Transformer
  8. Cable connection
  9. Busbars
  10. Contact
  11. Bushing-type insulator
  12. Earth Switch
I Switchgear Room
II Busbar Section
III Cable Connection Room
IV Low Voltage Section

MV-C® Energy distribution

Advantages at a glance

  • Factory assembled, type tested medium voltage switchgears according to DIN EN 62271 – 200 (VDE 0671 – 200)
  • Metal-enclosed and metal-clad indoor-switchgear systems
  • Locking system according to IEC 62271 – 200/VDE 0671 – 200
  • All MV switching activities are only allowed with locked medium voltage door
  • Decompression channel integrated or on top
  • Flexible, brand-neutral switchgear technique
  • Up to 50°C ambient temperature
  • Comprehensive motor protection and control package
  • IP 41 as standard, up to IP 54 optional
  • Electronic potential transformer for voltage measurement and protection
  • Frequency range between 50–60Hz
  • Engineering included
  • Innovative low voltage test
  • Nominal voltage test – option



For full view please move the table horizontally if necessary.
System Voltage Current  Short Circuit Testing Voltage Dimensions Weight
kV A kA kV W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) kg
3.6 320 16–31.5 20/40 600–1,000 2,300 900–1,200 450–1,100
7.2 400 16–31.5 20/60 600–1,000 2,300 900–1,200 500–1,200
12.0 400 16–31.5 28/75 900–1,000 2,300 900–1,700 500–1,200
17.5 320 16–31.5 38/95 1,000–1,200 2,300 900–1,700 800–1,300

Circuit breaker

For full view please move the table horizontally if necessary.
System Voltage Current  Short Circuit Testing Voltage Dimensions Weight
kV A kA kV W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) kg
3.6 630–2,500 16–50* 20/40 600–1,000 2,300 900–1,200 450–1,100
7.2 630–2,500 16–50* 20/60 600–1,000 2,300 900–1,200 500–1,200
12.0 630–2,500 16–50* 28/75 900–1,000 2,300 900–1,700 500–1,200
17.5 630–2,500 16–50* 38/95 1,000–1,200 2,300 900–1,700 800–1,300
*40/50 kA on request


1) case by case


  • Illuminated LCD with 2 lines of 16 characters each
  • Selectable languages: English, German, French or Spanish (aditional on request)
  • The LCD indicates the motor current, fault descriptions and statistical data.
  • The LEDs provide a quick status indication. (control voltage on, motor soft start, motor on, motor soft stop, motor stop, fault)
  • Easy settings by six clearly marked keys, user-friendly software with factory default parameters.

Communication RS 485

Modbus Profibus

RS 485 with MODBUS or PROFIBUS protocol enable:

  • Remote (start, stop, etc.)
  • Monitoring (motor current, faults, statistical data)
  • Remote parameter setting
  • Remote reset