FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

The soft starter does not require any main contactor but we recommend the use of one for emergency stop and/or trip the overload relay. In some applications a moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB) can be used instead of the main contactor.
The soft starter can normally be operated at higher ambient temperature during operation if the rated current for the unit is derated according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
Yes, it is possible but not for all types of thyristors.
Pumps and conveyor belts loaded with fragile products are the two main applications suitable for soft stop.
The values can normally be found in the catalogue. For IGEL Electric soft starter the following formula can be used:
3 x starting current for max. 30 sec. (without by-pass)
If main contactor is closed too late the soft starter will indicate this as a phase loss fault. Delay the start signal to the soft starter by approx. 5 sec. to solve this problem.
No, this is not possible since there will be no current going through the soft starter and some types will also indicate that no motor is connected.
Possible reasons can be one of these:

  • too low current limit
  • too long ramp time
  • too low initial voltage
  • wrong tripping class on the overload protection
  • wrong setting on the overload protection
If the current transformer of the soft starter can be installed so that the measuring can be performed when by-passed a separate relay is not required. Also when by-passed the protection functions of IGEL Electric soft starters are always in setted.
It is possible with all type of IGEL Electric soft starters as long as the curve is sinusoidal.
The minimum and maximum value where we can guarantee full function is – 15% to + 10 % of the rated value. This is also stated in the IEC-standard.

Example: 400 V – 15 % to + 10 %. Range: 340 V – 440 V.

When using semi-conductor fuses a type 2 co-ordination can be achieved. It is possible to use a moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB) or fuses instead but then with a type 1 co-ordination.
It is possible. When using soft starters at high altitudes the rated current for the unit has to be derated due to less cooling. In some cases a larger soft starter is required to be able to cope with the motor current when used at high altitudes. For questions, please consult factory.