Certified Quality

In times during which every small trading workshop is putting his quality manual online there are significant differences in respect of the concept “quality”. In many companies this concept is reduced to the introduction of the ISO 9001 certification. Basically, the ISO 9001 certification is only describing internal processes and by this a regulated and quality orientated production should be supported. The product design as well as the single production steps and techniques are not changed.

›Better is the enemy of good.‹

This best describes the quality philosophy at the IGEL® Electric company. Our products as well as our production are regularly subject to external tests, approvals and audits and improved upon constantly.

The main part of our production is yearly audited by the VDE as well as several major customers e.g. the world’s largest Electric group. For our company these audits are not seen as duties but as chances. Because of their extensive experience in quality management the auditors very often supported us to optimize our production processes.

Our product quality is based on highest quality demands. During their development our products have to pass all standard type tests according to the valid IEC standards and demands. These tests confirm the quality orientated development strategy. Especially the destroying tests (internal arc test) provide additional indications for the product optimization. Additionally to the routine tests our products are regularly tested in single approvals. Some examples of single approvals:

  • GL, Lr, abs, DnV, BV …, approval for the shipbuilding
  • GOST, CCC … , country-specific approvals
  • VdS approval for the application in fire-extinguishing systems

Especially the single approvals with their different technical specifications and set of rules present a special challenge for our engineers. Every time the product design must be checked and – if necessary – adjusted in respect of its conformity to the demanded specification. Thee fields of application such as shipbuilding, ex-area and fire-extinguishing systems show which quality criteria have been applied for our products.

As a medium-sized company producing moderate quantities a wide range of products is not convenient in respect of production technique as well as purchase reasons. Therefore, all design amendments due to new quality criteria will be automatically adopted in our serial production. This is the reason why each of our customers is profiting from our experiences with the worldwide most demanding testing institutes.