IGEL® – The Drive Technology Leader

Founded in 2001, from a division of “FANAL” Group Wuppertal, IGEL® was based on a combine experience over 100 years in drive technology. Our long term cooperation with leading international component manufacturers since the beginning of the 80´s, gives us a leading edge in the soft starter market, thus provides our customers with advanced technology and long term reliability. IGEL® Electric became technology leader with the world´s largest product range of soft starters.

As a specialist in drive technology we integrate standalone motors and systems as well as supply single component for each project. We provide our customers with advanced design. Unique in it is cost effective performance. We support our customers in throughout, from defining their needs to supplying a turnkey solution. Our leading advantages are:

  • Application solution from concept to delivery
  • Design engineering to the highest specification
  • Calculation of technical data
  • Solution Development and drive assembly
  • Components Installation
  • on sit service
Our sales outside Germany are more than 70 %. The product range covers all worldwide voltage levels and guarantees our customers the drive solution from one source and reduces development – and adjustment costs. We provide outstanding local service and support worldwide.
We continuously improve our products by monitoring quality and reliability in every step in the manufacturing process. We select the best components on the market and work with the top brands of industry. Our commissioning services and maintenances services guarantee the outmost customers satisfaction.

Our product range covers all worldwide voltage levels and guarantees. Our customer the drive solution from one source. As a hidden champion of German „Mittelstand“ we benefit from unbeatable quality insurance assurance being a true ambassador of the brand “Made in Germany”.


Jointly with our customers and our contractors we develop state of the art solutions for motor starters. We capitalize on our huge experience in electrical motors and in power electronics. We are committed to provide the most reliable, innovative and cost effective motor control solution worldwide.

MV-CS® – Medium Voltage Control System MADE BY IGEL®

Our collected experience of numerous projects combined with our clients’ requirements, which could not be carried out with common switchgears, formed the basis for this development.

Our target was the development of a system which offers maximum functionality at affordable prices.

The idea “Copy and Paste” was absolutely taboo in our field and in contrast to general practice every “cog and gear” was examined and designed specifically.

The result is a switchgear system, which provides completely new standards in both the quantity of comprehensive solutions and as a whole system.

This can be seen throughout our system: starting with the modular frame design without any welding seams going across integrated components, such as the pressure discharge channel or the second busbar system, and even up to complete flexibility of all system options. Take a minute and discover the almost endless list of possibilities our MV-CS system can offer.

›Made in Germany‹  All switchgear cabinet components are manufactured in Germany.

›Certificates‹  The performance of our MV-CS system has been type-tested in accordance with the latest IEC directives.

›Control‹  All products have to undergo an extensive quality test after production. State-of-the-art equipment, like a partial discharge testing device, ensures the highest quality.

›Experience‹  IGEL® Electric has long-standing experience of production of medium voltage systems. Our experiences under the most difficult conditions, for example oil platforms or ships, prove our remarkably high quality.

›Components‹  All power components are supplied by brandname manufacturers.

›Warranty‹  Because of a strict integration of all relevant electrical components in the withdraw unit we can guarantee that all failures will be eliminated after replacing this unit.

›Down Time‹  Replacing the faulty withdraw unit only takes a few minutes.

›Easy‹  Easily reachable devices allows straightforward access during maintenance or repair works.

›Flexible‹  The portable withdraw system makes work possible anywhere.

›Redundancy‹  An integrated second busbar distribution system enables the automatic transfer to the standby system.

›Type-tested‹  The MV-CS system ensures internal arc-security in accordance with IEC. The integrated decompression channel releases the developing gases safely.

›Seperation‹  Strict separation of the low-voltage and medium-voltage sections.

›Safe-to-touch‹  The system is automatically disconnected from all voltages after been detached.

›Locking‹  Only after locking the door the medium voltage can be switched on.

›Test Mode‹  The test mode allows complete testing of all functions of the components without being connected to medium voltage.

›Foolproof‹  A well-thought-out security concept eliminates the danger of wrong handling.

›Universal‹  All withdraw units fit into standardized basic unit.

›Variable‹  The basic unit can be pre-installed.

›Exchange‹  The withdraw components can be exchanged even after installation.

›Update‹  New technologies can be implemented at any time within just a few minutes.

›Guarantee‹  The flexible installation certifies complete planning security, even if requirements change.

›Easy‹  Only one system for all voltages up to 12 kV.