IGEL® – The Drive Technology Leader

Founded in 2001, from a division of “FANAL” Group Wuppertal, IGEL® was based on a combine experience over 100 years in drive technology. Our long term cooperation with leading international component manufacturers since the beginning of the 1980´s, gives us a leading edge in the soft starter market, thus provides our customers with advanced technology and long term reliability. IGEL® Electric became technology leader with the world´s largest product range of soft starters.

As a specialist in drive technology we integrate standalone motors and systems as well as supply single component for each project. We provide our customers with advanced design. Unique in it is cost effective performance. We support our customers in throughout, from defining their needs to supplying a turnkey solution. Our leading advantages are:

  • Application solution from concept to delivery
  • Design engineering to the highest specification
  • Calculation of technical data
  • Solution Development and drive assembly
  • Components Installation
  • on sit service

Our sales outside Germany are more than 70 %. The product range covers all worldwide voltage levels and guarantees our customers the drive solution from one source and reduces development – and adjustment costs. We provide outstanding local service and support worldwide.

We continuously improve our products by monitoring quality and reliability in every step in the manufacturing process. We select the best components on the market and work with the top brands of industry. Our commissioning services and maintenances services guarantee the outmost customers satisfaction.

Our product range covers all worldwide voltage levels and guarantees. Our customer the drive solution from one source. As a hidden champion of German „Mittelstand“ we benefit from unbeatable quality insurance assurance being a true ambassador of the brand “Made in Germany”.


Jointly with our customers and our contractors we develop state of the art solutions for motor starters. We capitalize on our huge experience in electrical motors and in power electronics. We are committed to provide the most reliable, innovative and cost effective motor control solution worldwide.